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Lessons from Advanced Distributed Systems Design course

Struggling to design Distributed Systems? 

It always starts well. At first glance the requirements seem straightforward, and implementation proceeds without hiccups. Then the requirements start to get more complex, and you find yourself in a predicament, introducing technical shortcuts that smell for the sake of delivering the new feature on schedule.

Prepare to think about software systems in a new way

These videos are part of a five-day course delivered by Udi Dahan on modern architecture design practices for distributed systems with Service-Oriented Architecture.

Topics covered in the full course include:

  • The 8 fallacies of distributed systems
  • Platform, temporal and spatial coupling
  • Advanced message exchange patterns
  • Bus and broker architectural styles

For more information about the course visit https://particular.net/adsd.

What's included?

3 Videos
Udi Dahan
Udi Dahan
The software simplist

About the instructor

Udi Dahan is one of the world’s foremost experts on Service-Oriented Architecture, Distributed Systems and Domain-Driven Design. He's also the creator of NServiceBus, the most popular service bus for .NET.